Rite Aid和Albertsons Companies合作计划破产、优步和Lyft在纽约市受阻、以及其他热点新闻

  • 药店连锁店Rite Aid和杂货商Albertsons Companies宣布:两家公司之间的240亿美元合并协议破裂。该交易遭到股东咨询公司Institutional Shareholder Services的反对,该公司认为它没有给予公司股东“公平的所有权权益”。然而,Albertsons及其大股东,私募股权公司Cerberus Capital Management曾希望此次合并可以帮助他们打击亚马逊和沃尔玛等竞争对手。

    The $24 billion merger agreement between drugstore chain Rite Aid and grocer Albertsons Companies is off, both companies announced. The deal was opposed by shareholder advisory firm Institutional Shareholder Services, who argued it did not give “fair ownership interest” to company shareholders. However, Albertsons and its majority owner, private equity firm Cerberus Capital Management, had hoped the merger could help them fight against rivals Amazon and Walmart


    Uber and Lyft have been dealt a blow in New York after the city passed a package of regulations targeting ride-hailing apps. The bills cap the number of ride-hailing vehicles allowed on streets, halts the issuing of licenses for the services and allows the city to set a minimum pay for drivers. Uber and Lyft fought hard to defeat the bills, including trying to mobilize their riders to oppose the proposal.


    The U.S. has announced new sanctions against Russia in response to the March 4 nerve-agent attack on a former Russian agent and his daughter in the U.K. The sanctions, which will come into effect around August 22, will target U.S. exports of military-related goods and technology to Russia. A second round of sanctions could be set to follow.

    Whole Foods正在为其网站添加“点击收藏”选项,这将允许其亚马逊Prime购物者在线订购杂货,然后开车到商店并让员工将订单送到他们的车上。竞争对手沃尔玛和克罗格已经推出了类似的服务。 Whole Foods的客户可以选择支付4.99美元在30分钟内完成订单,或者在一小时内免费获得。

    Whole Foods is adding a “click-and-collect” option to its site, which will allow its Amazon Prime shoppers to order groceries online and then drive to the store and have employees deliver the orders to their cars. Rivals Walmart and Kroger’s have already introduced a similar service. Whole Foods customers will have the choice of paying $4.99 to get their orders ready in 30 minutes, or receive them free in an hour.

    据“芝加哥论坛报”报道,总部位于芝加哥的报纸出版商Tronc正在考虑向一家私募股权公司出售一笔潜在的7亿美元交易。该公司拥有Tribune,纽约每日新闻和Orlando Sentinel等公司,正在考虑以每股19至20美元的价格收购该公司。 Tronc一直在削减成本; 6月份,它出售了“洛杉矶时报”和“圣地亚哥联盟 - 论坛报”,7月份,Tronc将纽约每日新闻的编辑人员减少了一半。

    Chicago-based newspaper publisher Tronc is considering selling itself to a private equity firm in a potential $700 million deal, reports the Chicago Tribune. The firm — which owns the Tribune, the New York Daily News, and the Orlando Sentinel, among others — is considering a bid of $19 to $20 a share. Tronc has been cutting costs; in June, it sold the LA Times and the San Diego Union-Tribune, and in July, Tronc cut the editorial staff of the NY Daily News in half.


    与良好的婚姻相似,只有在员工致力于公司,公司才能取得成功,Global Sage执行主席Louisa Wong说。


    Idea of the Day: Similar to a good marriage, companies can only succeed when their staff are committed, says Louisa Wong, executive chairman of Global Sage.

    “For couples that stay married for a long time, chances are they talk, are kind and generous to each other, they make sacrifices, and accept one another for who they are. Companies can use this as guiding principles when nurturing their organization’s culture.”