Elon Musk因推文被指控欺诈,孟山都公司被告其除草剂致癌以及更多头条新闻

  • 在首席执行官埃隆·马斯克(Elon Musk)发布推文说他有“资金担保”将特斯拉私有化后的几天,两位投资者提起集体诉讼,辩称这些推文构成了证券欺诈。上周,马斯克宣布,他希望以720亿美元收购该公司,以每股420美元的价格对特斯拉进行估值。该诉讼声称这些推文是一种虚假和误导性的努力来摧毁卖空者;美国证券交易委员会表示将进行调查。

    Days after CEO Elon Musk tweeted that he had "funding secured" to take Tesla private, two investors filed a class-action lawsuit arguing that the tweets constituted securities fraud. Last week Musk announced that he wanted to take the company private for $72 billion, valuing Tesla at $420 per share. The lawsuit claims the tweets were a false and misleading effort to decimate short sellers; the SEC has said it would investigate.

    农业化学巨头孟山都公司已经被命令向一名前任场地管理员支付2.89亿美元,该场地管理员称其Roundup除草剂导致他的晚期癌症。旧金山陪审团裁定,DeWayne Johnson接触除草剂引起他的非霍奇金淋巴瘤;超过800名癌症患者正在起诉孟山都公司。该公司的德国老板拜耳坚持认为Roundup中的活性成分草甘膦是安全的。

    Agrochemical giant Monsanto has been ordered to pay $289 million to a former groundskeeper who claims its Roundup weedkiller caused his terminal cancer. San Francisco jurors ruled that DeWayne Johnson's exposure to the weedkiller caused his non-Hodgkin's lymphoma; more than 800 cancer patients are suing Monsanto. The company's German owner Bayer insists the active ingredient in Roundup, glyphosate, is safe.


    Four women are suing Nike over claims the company violated equal pay laws and created a work environment “that allowed sexual harassment.” One woman claims she was paid $20,000 a year less than a male colleague in a similar role, while another says she was told to ignore alleged incidents of sexual harassment because “Nike has a culture that revolves around alcohol.” Nike has seen the departure of 11 executives, including the brand president and vice president, in recent months.

    据“华尔街日报”报道,纽约对冲基金Elliott Management Corp.已收购超过8%的电视评级公司尼尔森,意图强制出售。 Elliott的股份价值至少为6.4亿美元。尼尔森衡量人们购物和消费媒体的方式,零售业的变化也影响了其业绩 - 今年股价下跌约40%。首席执行官米奇·巴恩斯(Mitch Barns)将于2018年底辞职。

    New York hedge fund Elliott Management Corp. has bought more than 8% of TV-ratings company Nielsen, intending to force a sale, reports The Wall Street Journal. Elliott’s stake is worth at least $640 million. Nielsen measures how people shop and consume media, and changes in the retail industry have affected its performance — its shares are down about 40% this year. CEO Mitch Barns is stepping down at the end of 2018.


    City officials from Denver to Miami are cracking down on scooter startups operating without a license, according to The Wall Street Journal, with workers scooping up scooters from streets and impounding them. Some cities are capping numbers at a few hundred per company, while others are blocking them entirely. Bird and Lime, which have drawn nearly $900 million of investment between them and are each valued at over $1 billion, say they’re confident cities will see their value in reducing traffic and expanding transit options. •